Wellbeing Retreats at Tatton Events

Tatton Events corporate wellbeing programmes help your team improve performance and boost productivity at work by helping staff to replenish, rejuvenate and restore mentally and physically.

Our retreats offer a unique opportunity to ‘step back’ from the pressures of work (and life!) and create some space to think, unwind and learn wellbeing strategies to improve quality of life.

We learn so much more when we are in a relaxed supportive and fun environment and our location deep in the heart of Cheshire is a perfect, private space for your team to learn and grow.

Stress Resilience
We all know that work can be very rewarding and there’s nothing like feeling on top of your game.….and yet! We can’t ignore the fact that work can be stressful too.

Supporting staff by offering them time-out is fundamental to their wellbeing and you can come for a day, an afternoon, overnight or even a lunchtime learning session and choose from a variety of topics for your staff including


  • Feeding The Executive Brain
  • The Corporate Athlete
  • Workplace Menopause
  • Resilience for Managers
  • Resilience for Staff
  • Eat Well For Mental Health
  • Mental Health 1st Aid Training
  • Mindfulness Techniques For Anxiety


  • Sugar Free For Stamina
  • Sleep Savvy Workshop
  • Stress-less Mindfulness For Beginners
  • Energy In Versus Energy Out
  • High Protein – Low Carb Sports Nutrition
  • Super Energy Foods – Natural Highs

A wellness retreat is a fantastic opportunity to offer an authentic, meaningful experience that allows your employees (and you!) to unwind holistically and to come back home refreshed and rejuvenated in body and body.

Relaxation & Healing
A wellness retreat specifically focuses on unplugging and connecting with our inner selves. It gives you and your employees a chance to get away from the struggles of daily life, and a chance to get out of your heads and allow your bodies and minds to heal. What could be better than that?
To book your wellness retreat with Tatton Events please email info@tattonevents.co.uk

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