Tatton Estate welcomes two new restaurants to Knutsford

Two new outstanding restaurants have chosen to open their doors in Knutsford. Linden Stores and Sigiriya have chosen Tatton Estate properties to base their businesses; both award winning and established for their exquisite cuisine.

Nestled on Knutsford’s quaint Minshull Street, Linden Stores is owned by partners Chris Boustead and Laura Christie. Chef Chris moves with the seasons, with a focus on sustainability and a dash of foraged ingredients from around Cheshire.

Thom Hetherington from Manchester’s Finest sums up perfectly why Linden Stores is an exciting addition to Knutsford.

“Elizabeth Gaskell, the progressive and quietly radical local, would have approved. We perched on bistro chairs at a table by the bar, clutching an la carte menu of small and large plates, a short six course chef’s tasting menu, and a wine list.

“First up was a glossy ball of duck liver parfait, clinging to a cracker with a jaunty titfer of caramelised apple. The rich texture demanded I rolled it around my mouth like a Wall of Death stunt biker, coating my palate with intense flavours as it melted across my tongue.

“As a benchmark this was up there with the mushroom parfait from Fallow in St James’s, and in the small but competitive world of parfait there is no higher praise. Linden Stores had our attention.”

You can read the full review here.

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