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Knutsford voted as top place to live by the Sunday Times

Cheshire’s historic market town of Knutsford has been named one of the best places to live in the UK – making it the most attractive town to reside in the county. Famed for its eclectic array of unique shops, vibrant dining spots, and celebrity-owned bars, this locale has captured the admiration of The Sunday Times’ annual guide with its elegance and allure.

The Tatton Estate takes great pride in its commitment to bolstering the communities in which we reside and operate. Through an array of social initiatives, we endeavour to preserve and uphold the heritage of our villages and towns.

Our community support extends to various aspects including the Knutsford Heath, a segment of the Moor, Knutsford sports clubs, farms, shops, residences, and educational institutions. Furthermore, we offer complimentary venues for numerous charitable organisations such as The Knutsford Royal May Day, Scouts Association, and The Country Trust, reinforcing our dedication to fostering a thriving and supportive community.

The Times article by Jayne Dowle below was written beautifully, perfectly describing the the historic market town and the benefits of making Knutsford your home.

Why Knutsford, Cheshire, is one of the best places to live 2024
Keeping up appearances has always mattered in Knutsford, the model for Elizabeth Gaskell’s affectionate portrait of gossipy, genteel life in Cranford. Cosy and comfortable it remains, nestling in Cheshire’s sweet spot south of Manchester — avoiding inner-city bustle or a long commute. Interlinked high streets, Princess Street (known as Top Street) and King Street (Bottom Street, of course) flutter their eyelashes with beautiful bow-fronted and half-timbered buildings.

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