Tatton Estate submits revised plans for Bluebell Village

Following a public consultation at the beginning of March, Tatton Estate has submitted revised plans to the Council for Bluebell Village. 

This development comes after a robust public consultation phase, which saw active participation from residents through a series of events, questionnaires and activity on social media. 

“We are immensely grateful for the community’s engagement and the thoughtful feedback provided. It has been instrumental in shaping the revised proposals we’ve put forward,” stated Amy Bowden, Head of Strategic Developments for Tatton Estate. 

The full revisions which can be seen on the Bluebell Village website include:

Masterplan Adjustments

The updated masterplan now features clearer access points and a more detailed depiction of the approved Crown Estate roundabout on the A50. In response to feedback, the mixed-residential zone has been removed for greater flexibility in locating a care home and the Local Centre has been repositioned for improved accessibility.

Public Space and Accessibility Enhancements

An increased allocation for public open space and strategic relocation of play areas have been planned. The proposal also outlines a rerouted footpath to enhance local connectivity and respect residential amenities.

The Local Centre has been relocated to be adjacent to the primary access. This strategic move is complemented by an updated description to now include amenity greenspace, enriching the community-focused features of Bluebell Village.

Voluntary Contributions 

In a move to bolster local infrastructure, additional S106 contributions have been proposed for speed reduction measures on Manchester Road and Mereheath Lane and a new toucan crossing.

Collaboration with Town Council 

Discussions with the Town Council have highlighted potential projects which could be funded by the Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) funding generated by the scheme. These projects include enhancements to cycling infrastructure and footpaths for the wider area in Knutsford.

The project team’s efforts to incorporate community feedback underscore their commitment to a collaborative approach. “We believe these changes address many of the concerns raised by the community and are proud to have offered additional contributions, beyond those required by planning, to contribute positively to the local landscape and Town Council’s active travel ambitions,” Amy Bowden added.

The public will soon have the opportunity to review and respond to the revised plans once they are available on the planning portal. 

Anyone interested in detailing the full revised plans can keep track of development updates by visiting http://www.bluebellvilage.co.uk and signing up to the newsletter for updates.

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