Seed Barn (Green Screen) - Studio 2


  • Height (Eaves): 5300mm
  • Height (Ridge): 5450mm
  • Width: 27.8m
  • Length: 17.2m
  • Sq Foot: 3300 sq ft
  • Functions: Set build/ prop and costume storage / workshop/ green screen
  • Door Access: Roller shutter access (6m x 8m)
  • Electricity Supply: 200kVa to site
  • Sockets: Sockets (13amp)
  • Water Supply: n/a
  • Lighting: Flood lighting
  • Roof SWL: TBC
  • Sound Proofing: None

Services Available

  • Serviced offices at North Range and Ashley Hall
  • Close proximity to other working studios/workshops
  • Secure gated site
  • Hardstanding 65mx50m + trailer access & parking
  • Maintenance/gardening services
  • Cleaning services
  • 24 hour security available
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BBC Worst Witch - Series 1 - 4

The creators of the popular BBC series The Worst Witch used our Green Screen when they were filming the castle interiors.

Seed Barn
Seed Barn
Green Screen
Green Screen