How to plan a team building day

Team building encourages employees to think about the great things a company can achieve, which is especially useful in an uncertain economic environment.

A day of team building is one way to promote a positive outlook, develop interpersonal working skills and motivate participants to move toward a more effective workplace.

Know Your Purpose and decide on activities

Not all team-building exercises are created equal; more to the point, they don’t all serve the same purpose. Decide on the key objective of your team-building day. Options include relationship building, celebrating team successes and enhancing teamwork skills. Relationship building includes activities designed to increase familiarity among team members, not only who they are but also what their personalities are like. Celebrations are aimed at giving team members some time out in appreciation for past good work. Teamwork skills are those relied upon by companies who require people with different jobs to come together to focus on a common goal.

At Stock Farm we offer a range of activities to suit all needs and companies; ranging from mindfulness sessions to duck herding! Which all have their own benefits whether it is creating positivity, building relationships or learning new skills.
Escaping the office or your usually environment will help characters flourish and create new situations for colleagues to work in.

Mind the Schedule
Team-building days require active involvement to be successful. Schedule the day into distinct components, such as a two-hour workshop in the morning, followed by a lunch break, two-hour workshop in the afternoon, and wrap up session with coffee and a light snack. This gives people time to get excited about each session but also allows them to pace themselves, so they are not exhausted by the end of the day. Regular breaks for food and drink keep participants hydrated and nourished so they remain actively engaged in the event.
Our experienced events team can help plan your day to give your team the best experience possible, with a range of environments and spaces at Stock Farm, there are lots of opportunities to get involved in several different activities.

During the team-building day, distribute forms with targeted questions about what participants feel they have learned and have them provide written answers at the end of the event. Then revisit the information with participants a month later to see how effective the training has been in practice. Compare initial sentiments to the long-term effects of the event and identify areas to focus on in future sessions with the team.

To find out more about our different team building packages, activities on offer and even corporate retreat packages.

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