Henry Brooks

Managing Director TEM

Henry Brooks established TEM in 2012 to add value for property owners including the Tatton Estate. Having been brought up on a diverse Estate, multi-generation strategic planning and incremental delivery have always been of key importance. Property owners and estates rely on a full range of property services including advice and long term management, hence the bringing together of this wide range of skill sets and professionals under one roof at TEM. Henry Brooks leads a growing team that can advise on strategic, long term asset management to help clients – related and third party – achieve their aims for current owners and generations yet unborn.

A director of Monckton Properties Ltd, Henry Brooks graduated from the European Business School London and as a CIMA management accountant. He worked on the industrial side of Pirelli Tyres in Milan and Burton-upon-Trent before joining Macquarie Securities helping manage their Asian infrastructure platform and assets including two Singapore based shipping businesses.

At TEM, Henry Brooks has been responsible for the identification and delivery of a wide range of projects including development such as 200 new homes in Knutsford; regeneration such as the new Hayhurst Arms in Bostock Green; agricultural business (contract farming and forestry); community work building on the family and Estate support of a huge range of organisations such as Knutsford Heritage Centre and Football Club; and new diversified activities such as minerals, water and energy.

The guiding principal in his setting up of TEM is an unwavering commitment to both the highest ethical standards and fully protecting any client’s position as any owner should have the right to respect, and this remains the key factor by which the firm judges success.

Contact: Heather Clawson, Mr Brooks’ PA