Helen Rogers

Accounts, Admin, Marketing

Helen joined TEM Ltd part time to ‘help out with paperwork’. Running her own business Knutsford Admin, which has a Practice Licence with the Institute of Certified Bookkeepers she has a fastidious approach to paperwork organisation especially accounts records. Her experience at TEM Ltd has developed a detailed knowledge of property accounting particularly rent and service charge demands and service charge annual reconciliations.

Coupled with VAT knowledge on opting to tax on land and properties and running VAT returns with partial exemption places TEM in a good position to manage the bookkeeping side of property management. Helen is supported at TEM by her team of staff Alison, Rachel and Nathalie.

With a keen interest in social media and website development Helen helps co-ordinate TEM’s contribution to social media and newsletter distribution and uses these channels to build knowledge, keep up to date with land and property news and develop virtual working relationships.