Knutsford Town Strategy

Knutsford Town Strategy and Local Plan Consultations

Cheshire East Council is in the process of preparing its emerging Local Plan which will set the planning policies in the Borough to 2030.

In October 2012 the Tatton Estate made its submission to the draft Town Strategy entitled “Knutsford Vision”.  A copy of this document can be downloaded from the form below. (as of 5.3.13)

In February 2013, the Tatton Estate jointly with the Crown Estate made their submission to the Development Strategy consultation entitled “Joined-up thinking: delivering Knutsford’s needs to 2030”.  This can also be downloaded below.

The Estate has actively decided to publish and discuss its submissions widely at a very early stage so as to improve their thoughts and ideas based on comments and suggestions.  Our involvement and investment within the local community is key to who we are, which is more than just a business.

The Estate is promoting the areas in North West and North East Knutsford to deliver the jobs, homes, schools, healthcare and sports needs of the town up to 2030 and beyond.

Cheshire East Council’s consultation has now finished but there will be numerous further consultations on both the Core Strategy process and on and specific proposals.  You can download a copy of their consultation documents on the CEC website.

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In addition, in July 2013 the Estate made a revised planning application for the land to the East of Parkgate Industrial Estate.  More details can be found under the “Parkgate Proposal” tab

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